ONYX Release Candidate 4.5.1215

Hi to all!
I have also posted this in suggestion area,but I think it’s more related here to my opinion!
If there’s a new “Edir” button and a new small but fantastic window ,is it correct for you guys that cue doesn’t follow a go or play?
To my opinion it should follow the current cue!

And this doesn’t seem to happen can you verify this in a large cuestack.

Doing a show this week, first time for a while. It may be profile related but Fixture Reset doesn’t work on my MAC 2000 Performance or ROBE Colorpsot 700 EAT fxitures. It definitely worked in older releases, but before the fixture library changes. Lamp control works.
Also I’ve twice requested a fixture update for my hazer (Look Solutions Unique 2.1) which is wrong/broken. The Fog setting is coming up as Pump under Beam Effects, and doesn’t work even there. I’ve built myself a custom profile to use Fog and Fan, which both come under Intensity and work fine, but irritating why this doesn’t seem to be able to be fixed in the new library.
I have some chinese LED moving heads which I’ve also built custom profiles for, but beams and colours don’t show up for them on the 2D plan like they used to.
Finally, I’ve noticed for a while that deleting and generally doing things with patched fixtures can sometimes cause it to get into a state where patch operations don’t work. DIfficult to be precise about what causes it, but I’ve seen it most times I try to do anything with the patch. Restarting the app fixes it

Which fixture types? Is this an old show you loaded in? You may have to exchange for new libraries in the patch.

It is multiple profile fixtures, a Blizzard G-Streak, ADJ InnoSpot PRO

It’s a show that was working fine under Beta 4.5.1207

Does your color parameter show Snap or Fade?

Attach your showfile for us. The profile is correct but the rule change may not work on 4.5 files from the middle of the development cycle.

Yes, I just checked on the InnoSpot the color is Snap but the Gobo is Fade, on the GStreak the Color and Gobo are both showing Fade

I PM’ed Gert the show file on Monday, do you want me to send it to you as well?

thx I will check with him.

Not all fixture commands are in Atlabase, if they are missing please request them so they can be added to the fixture types. It is a complete new library with no reference to the previous fixture types.
You requested this the second time to the regular Onyx 4.4 library, not the 4.6 Atlabase system. I forwarded the request for adjustment now.

Hi everyone,
here is a field report with Dylos Version 4.5.1214: Beforehand, I have surrendered.
I’ve spent the last two weeks setting up a night club with Dylos. I made great progress, but hit showstoppers I can’t work around. Therefore I reverse to a show file prior Dylos

Note: First of all I love the direction the software is heading! and the vision is great.
Note 2: I didn’t plug in my premier key, which shouldn’t have an impact on the following issues.
Note 3: reproduction videos are hosted on Google Fotos.

These are the reasons why I won’t use Dylos for now:

Workarounds to get Dylos to work:

  1. I had to get rid of all multi part fixtures, which lead to reduced features of said fixtures. E.g. I can’t use Aura functionality of washes or use presets on multi Led panel fixtures.

  2. If a venue has some fixtures with color wheels, the usefulness of Dylos is limited in total, since one can only use Dylos-mapping, otherwise the color wheel is spinning constantly.

  3. Additionally I had to create separate presets for rgb+ fixtures (without color wheels), because there is no way to exclude fixtures present in presets from Dylos.

The following issues are showstoppers for me and the reason why I surrender and use a show file without Dylos:

  1. Programming a cue with Dylos and regular parameters look perfect in the programmer. But as soon as I save the programmer to a cue, Dylos takes precedence and overwrites all other parameters. The result is that dimmer parameter are ignored: A really energetic strobing scene turns into a rainbow after recording the programmer into a cue. Reason being the priority of Dylos is higher than all other parameters. Loading a cue into the programmer changes priorities and Onyx outputs all parameters correctly.
    Using Dylos exclusively would be a really bad workaround, but even this workaround becomes impossible as soon as fixtures with color wheels are involved.
    Dylos takes precedence and ruins cues, while programmer outputs parameter correctly.

  2. Loading all parameters of all fixtures including Dylos into the programmer (load load) changes the DMX output completely. Some fixtures turn off, some turn to white. This makes it impossible to adjust cues once all parameters are saved within a cue.
    (I have to save all fixture parameters in cues to be able to leverage cue auto release, consistently)
    loading a cue with all parameters into the programmer

  3. Cue dimmer doesn’t work when using Dylos color mappings. Fading cues will turn all rgb+ fixtures to full white before dimming. This is because Dylos master fader is linked to the cue dimmer fader.
    yellow mapping cue turns to white before dimming
    red cue turns to white before dimming

Additional ones:

  1. on my notebook the multi touch screen doesn’t work with the latest version anymore. Triggering multiple cues will lead to rapid flicking triggering. Using an external touch screen works though. Onyx used to work great with the internal touch screen (4.2.x). Maybe its the show file.
    multi touch trigger bug

  2. Old Art-Net nodes don’t work well with Onyx, because the refresh rate is too high. Dylos is lagging and stuttering on some LED-Matrizes while other LED software runs fluid. Maybe an easy to understand slider to adjust the timings would be helpful.

Please help me to figure out the showstoppers (of mine), because I actually want to use Dylos!


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Could you upload your showfile you are referring to?

All your assumptions/questions confirmed

Yeah, that’s a problem.

I believe that the idea is to give DyLOS output priority over other cue output, which is fine, but it really must work the same way in the programmer.

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Hello, we had a look at your show file and it is a library issue indeed in the sense that, in this case, the conditions for the FADE/SNAP rules for DMX channels, that are now optimized for the new library, are not always properly captured in the old library. So, please consider exchanging the fixture types (in this case, at least the Inno Spot Pro, for example)

The problem you are experiencing when using the cue fader, that saturated color cues fade out over white, unfortunately has to do with the fact that all emitter channels of a fixture default to full if it has a master intensity channel. This is very useful if you use that fixture directly, so that you have a light output by simply putting the intensity on.

However, for a saturated color output on an RGB(+) fixture, some of the emitters have to be set to zero. If you use “White Mapping” in DyLOS (which is enabled by default) saturated colors in pixel-mapping will in addition set all non-RGB emitter channels (e.g. white, amber) of a fixture to zero.

Fading out the cue dimmer will, as you rightly mentioned, result in fading out the DyLOS Zone master (if its value is saved in the cue-list). This in turn blends out the influence of DyLOS over the channels of the light fixtures. So, with the Zone master at 50% basically the emitter channels are half controlled by DyLOS (which sets some of them to zero in order to achieve a saturated color) and half defined by the cue tracking (if not defined in the cue-list they basically default to full). This is what you see.

In order to avoid this unwanted side-effect, one way would be to explicitly set all emitter channels of the pixel-mapped fixtures to zero in the cue-list before pixel mapping, so that fading out the Zone master fades all emitter channels to black.

Gert, what is the procedure I need to follow to fix this? i.e. do I need to download the most current library and load it into my console? Then I need to swap the fixture? But how can I swap to the same fixture? Won’t the console think there is no change?

I just want to make sure I do this correctly.


Downloading the most current library isn’t absolutely necessary for this in particular, just know there are daily updates.
Use the “Exchange” feature: in the patch window you’ll see an Exchange tab only when types from the old library were found in the current show. It will show suggestions for matches it could find, you can still modify them. Empty cells you’ll need to map yourself. At the bottom left you’ll see a button to start the exchange, which will reload the show file, replacing the types.

Thank you for the explanation! I’m going to try it as soon as I’m back at the venue.
You explanation makes sense.
Maybe the concept could be improved, since it’s not straight forward: Some fixtures with color wheel don’t work with Dylos, if they contain intensity information, while other fixtures have to be set to full intensity, but the rgb+ to zero.

I used the Exchange function and it did fix the InnoSpot Pro, the gobo wheel is back to snap.

However, the G-Streak which did update is still broken. Did I do something wrong? Should I go back to an older file and try again?


Zuvor war bei Farb und Gobo Rädern Standart Snap ! Nun ist die Standart Cue zeit auch für Effekt Räder gegeben ! Du must alle Rad Effekte die überblendzeit auf “0” setzen ! — Previously, standard snap was available at Color and Gobo wheels! Now the standard cue time is also given for effect wheels! You must set all wheel effects the fade time to “0”!

2 things:

  • we’ve updated the policies to make old-style wheels snap channel again; these policies are distributed as part of the new library system, so applying the latest library should fix the problem for both (whether you exchange or not)

  • the G-Streak fixture in the new library has an issue, preventing it from actually being exchanged: please submit a request for the AtlaBase library (so you can track its progress) to have the Gobo Wheel fixed: please mention there’s an inconsistency for range 218-225 (selects slot 17 in shake range, but here’s a split on the shake speed (218 and 219-225), and 219-225 is also used for CW scroll)