Problem with installing driver for USB-DMX interface II (dmx out)

I lost my good old windows XP PC and tried (after many years) to install Light Jockey on another windows XP computer.
I have done this in the past many times but now (after a vew days trying) I just can’t do it.

I did install the jockey ver. 2.95 on the XP computer.
I made sure the interface is working ok (it works ok on my laptop with LJ).
After that I connected the interface and followed the (wizard) instructions as below;

  1. Turn on the PC with all the interfaces attached.
  2. Once Windows has detected an interface, the Found New Hardware Wizard will
    appear, prompting for a driver for a EZ-USB device).
  3. Select Install from a list or specific location, then click Next.
  4. Select Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install, click Next.
  5. In the list of hardware types, select Universal Serial Bus controllers and click Next.
  6. Click Have Disk.
  7. Click Browse to locate the folder with the driver and then click OK.
  8. If a suitable driver is found in the folder, the Wizard will list the driver name and
    location. Check this information to ensure that the correct driver has been found.
    Click Next.

Every time I come to point 8 I find on the disc hardware drivers>USB2>siudi.inf and enter this I get message like “no install information found” or “driver not installed because …”

Where did I go wrong … please HELP

A am this problem to. Please help!

Hi Midnes, welcome to the forums. Take a look at this thread and then tell me in this post which one of those interfaces you have and then i can give you the best options for trying to resolve this issue. Thanks!
Here is the Light Jockey hardware list:

Hello, good night. Jingles
I have the **90702040 LightJockey II DMX box (taper shape). lightjokey 2.95.3 installed on the pc with Vista OS.
I, also have the M-DMX interface. From what I researched this only works on Win7 or 10. For lightjockey2 i need a “one-key”.
Can it work with M-PC or Onyx softwere without a license with a M-DMX box (gray)
Thank you

It says right at the top that your box is not supported in Vista.

The M-DMX box does work with ONYX instantly.

Thank You Matias!!

I have one of these old dongle’s. Still possible to use with newer LJ 2.9? What is? Xp


Please see this thread for your answer: LightJockey / ONYX Hardware Compatibility