ONYX Beta 4.9.1248

This is the first beta version of 4.9 which adds a lot of new or adjusted features.

New Live Window and “Live Edit” overlay for the parameter controls

  • Parameter Offset
  • Parameter Park
  • Parameter Defaults

New HighLight Window

NDI Input About NDI - Network Device Interface
Configure in Network/NDI

  • Internal Screen Capture
  • External Streams

Audio Input
configure in System / IO

  • ASIO or Windows Internal Streams
  • Input
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Wave Form
  • VU Meter
  • Real Time Beat detection

Please note that due to higher hardware requirements the support for M1HD and M2GOHD has been phased out. Do not install this version on these consoles.

		Release Notes for Onyx
	(C) 2018-2023 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.9.1248 (13/01/2023)

This version requires Windows 10 or Windows 11 Home/Pro/Enterprise 64-bit for PC.
All consoles require ONYX OS 4.8
Compatible with Obsidian NX4, NX2, NX1, NX K, NX P, NX Wing, NX Touch, NX-DMX
Compatible with M-Series M6 (with ONYX Upgrade Kit), M2PC, M-Touch, M-Play, Martin 2-port USB-DMX devices

Added aspect ratio control
Added multi-select for audio input channels
Added output override feedback to live output
Improved DyLOS input processor management
Improved DYLOS input processors’ accuracy
Improved parameter-level parking
Improved default value editing

4.9.1246 (19/08/2022)

Added input processors to DyLOS for converting external inputs into modulators (triggers pending)

  • added video and palette input processor (NDI; aspect ratio channel/parameter not bound yet)
  • added audio input, filter and analyzer processors (NDI, ASIO; multi-select audio channels pending)

Added output overrides as special presets that are edited in dedicated programmer context (“copy from” to start from regular presets pending)

  • added parameter-level parking (value feedback in parameter panel still being tuned)
  • added channel-level offsets
  • improved default value editing (clear doesn’t work yet from popup for input processors, feedback for default editing still being tuned)
  • improved highlight/lowlight editing
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To map NDI or Audio Input:

Set up the source in the menu (Network/NDI and System/IO)

Go to the DYLOS browser and check the new “Inputs” tab.
Create an Input and select the type and store it. Once stored adjust as needed.

Map the NDI Source like any media file
Map the VU Meter, Wave Form or Spectrum Analyzer like any media file

Use the Dynamic Color Pallettes to map Audio controlled colors to any Media file or FX.

Additional plugins and beat mappings for Dylos are still in development.

Fun app to try NDI using a mobile device

NDI® HX Camera Application

any chance that for the next update we can have the 2d plan view and the dylos composer view fit in the nx1 screen?

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NDI Tools with custom screen capture.

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My experience so far: I loaded an existing 4.8.1240 showfile, it took a few minutes to load but came up fully functional. I added th offset programmer view and tested changing the offset on some of my spots. It took me a minute or two to fifure out how to go into the view settings and enable editing. I think this would be easier if it was a button on the view tool bar instead, similar to editing the 2d plan. I saved the show file with the new view.

When I loaded the saved 4.9.1248 showfile (with the new offset view) I recieved a dax error, after clicking ok on the error the views loaded but the offset view was missing. The programmer and live output views were also blank, although I was able to select fixtures and change values and see these changes in 2d plan. Loading the initial 1248 saved version of this file (before i added the offset view) loads fine.

Hope this input is usefull, I still havent gotten into the other new features but when I do I will report back. Thanks for the update, these features are great.

Don’t know if it is related to Beta 4.9.1248, but patching fixture from secondary remote device (PC) doesn’t patch in the master device (NX-1).

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Testing Now:

One issue, which has persisted for the entire software’s Lifetime is when you try to CLEAR with no fixtures selected, nothing happens. Clear → Enter with either ‘Non-Selected’, or ‘Non-Selected + Selected’ chosen does not clear anything from the programmer, when no fixtures are selected.

Works for me!

you have fixture 5 selected. deselect all fixtures and try again. This function only works if at least 1 fixture is selected. It does not work if 0 fixtures are actively selected.

Correct, I suspect that how it was designed (many years ago). I asked for clarification.

This causes me a lot of slow down in my busking work flow, if I, for instance, am mid show and I want to quickly clear all P/T values out of the Programmer. Clear → Selected + Non-Selected → Pan Tilt → Enter → Nothing Happens → I realize no fixtures are selected → Select a Fixture → Repeat the entire process

If I try to clear any non-selected values, and no fixtures are selected, therefore it should clear all those values. Having to make sure one fixture is selected seems like an unnecessary step

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I think this would be easier if it was a button on the view tool bar instead, similar to editing the 2d plan

Not sure I understand, that’s how it looks and works?

When I loaded the saved 4.9.1248 showfile (with the new offset view) I recieved a dax error

We can’t reproduce, any chance you could send us that show file?

Confirmed and fixed for next build

We see no issue here: new fixtures are exchanged in both directions. Or are you specifically adding input processors, because they are not exchanged (yet) in either direction?

Thanks for your feedback but I didn’t understand what you meant with “Input processors”?

I did some more test, and it seems that it has only happened once. So I don’t really understand what happened :frowning:

ok, let us know if you can reproduce. Guess you didn’t use input processors yet then ;-), they’re the “fixtures” that pull in and process NDI or audio streams

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hello, should audio in work on nx1? at the moment, there is no audio in device we can choose, we have feed in a active line signal into mic on console back. in i/o settings there is no input device.
is the 4.9.xxxx beta working with console os
nx1 is version1232 ( built 10.0.19041.1202)

update, after reinstall the newest console os and then install 4.9.xxxx, it works and under wasapi the mic is shown as audio device.

You catched me ^^ I didn’t have yet time to look at this feature, more testing it to see if there are no regressions :slight_smile: