ONYX RC 4.9.1253

Replaced with RC 4.9.1254: Onyx RC 4.9.1254

This build requires the 4.9.1252 OS on consoles. Update to this once 1252 is installed.
Happy Testing :partying_face:

		Release Notes for Onyx
	(C) 2018-2023 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.9.1253 (21/07/2023)


  • due to some fixtures and nodes not working at all when Art-Net and/or sACN sync is turned on, they are now turned off by default (also in existing shows that didn’t have the setting altered). Turn them on when you notice a lag between universes.
  • click track beat detection appears broken and will be fixed for next build (because some of below fixes are rather critical, we decided not to wait for this specific fix)

Added options dropdown for library and beats editor views (library tabs can now be added as a view from the new “Library” Windows tab)
Fixed holding playback buttons on a touch screen to just hold instead of triggering the right click gesture (popping up the options window)
Fixed playback buttons focus issue causing their function assignments not being accessible
Fixed fixture selection grouping tools and last/next browsing
Fixed fixture park issues acroos XNET
Fixed PATCH command issues when show contains fixture(s) with numbers having more than 5 digits
Fixed assigning addresses to multiple multi-part fixtures without a main part at once
Fixed Cloning (PATCH) scope options inconsistency between batch entries list and selected entry data
Fixed mirror tiles configuration not working from zone parameters (only from parameters editor)
Fixed aspect ratio being calculated/applied for palettes
Fixed Telnet and UDP input not accepting square brackets around commands the way ONYX Manager did
Fixed excessive show load time when there’s an extensive User Library of fixture types
Various fixes to improve reliability, workflow/accessibility (like new Channels tab in zone parameters for quick access to intensity, opacity, speed master and scale mode; “Beats” editor view moved to new “Library” Windows tab) and status feedback (like park state, audio/beat input/link states, …), and to reduce latency

4.9.1252 (28/06/2023)

Notice: if you programmed values for the “BPM Target” channel of the Beat Provider, review your show file as its range has been extended

Allow for installing 3rd party ASIO drivers (to support low latency USB audio devices as published by Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, MOTU and RME), and added access to their mixer and configuration
Added transport running state (Ableton Link, MIDI clock, audio signal presence) tracking to (un)mute beat provider output
Added Telnet/UDP input: no longer needed to launch ONYX Manager for these protocols
Added audio monitoring
Added color appearance supprt to input processors
Improved and fixed Beat F-Key assignment
Improved access to reverse playback for synced media playback and generators
Improved Ableton Link tap responsiveness
Improved fixture selection ranges to no longer include DyLOS zone or input processor fixtures unless referred to explicitly
Fixed user fixture type profiles showing up in the browser, but not being added to the show after creating/editing
Fixed sACN universes not showing in DMX I/O selection dropdown
Fixed moving input processor to other slot
Various fixes to improve reliability and reduce latency

4.9.1251 (15/05/2023)

Added target assignment of reference processors to F-Keys
Added support for Ableton Link Quantum Phase Synchronization
Added support for changing the tempo in an Ableton Link session
Added support for reverse playback for synced media playback and generators
Extended Beat F-Key assignment to any beat-tap processor
Fixed importing fixtures using CITP on non-English systems
Fixed fixture range selection issues
Various fixes and improvements

4.9.1250 (18/04/2023)

Dropped 32 bit driver support
Updated to SQL Server 2022 for support continuity
Updated to latest CodeMeter, NDI and Visual C++ runtimes

Completed (audio, beat) input processor workflow

Added Ableton Link support (input processor)
Added MIDI Clock support (input processor)
Added beat-tap processor (replacing former global beat for chases)
Added reference processor (to decouple source input slot programming in presets and cues through indirection)
Added metronome visual feedback for beat rate
Added “Copy from” between highlight/lowlight presets
Improved audio beat detection accuracy
Fixed (Capture) visualizer focusing via CITP while offsets have been configured

4.9.1249 (23/02/2023)

Notice: loading show files created with the previous beta (4.9.1248) will require to re-select audio input channels and/or turn NDI devices off and back on if they are used by input processors

Added beat detection sync into media playhead and chase playback (beat triggers, next to global)
Fixes and improvements to input processor workflow
Fixes and improvements to audio input processors
Allow P/T values in highlight/lowlight presets
Default values view will only show changed values
Aspect ratio improvments (covering masks)
Aspect ratio fixes for still images, rotation and scaling
Fixed live thumbnails not always rendered correctly
Fixed “non-selected fixtures” option on CLEAR being ignored when no fixtures are selected

4.9.1248 (13/01/2023)

Added aspect ratio control
Added multi-select for audio input channels
Added output override feedback to live output
Improved DyLOS input processor management
Improved DYLOS input processors’ accuracy
Improved parameter-level parking
Improved default value editing

4.9.1246 (19/08/2022)

Added input processors to DyLOS for converting external inputs into modulators (triggers pending)

  • added video and palette input processor (NDI; aspect ratio channel/parameter not bound yet)
  • added audio input, filter and analyzer processors (NDI, ASIO; multi-select audio channels pending)

Added output overrides as special presets that are edited in dedicated programmer context

  • added parameter-level parking (value feedback in parameter panel still being tuned)
  • added channel-level offsets
  • improved default value editing (clear doesn’t work yet from popup for input processors, feedback for default editing still being tuned)
  • improved highlight/lowlight editing
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this solved the problem with the prims and colors wheels ?

If i select 10 fixtures, I can’t go through with the next or last button.

Or if i select 10 fixtures en grouping every 2 doesn’t work

This bugs still not working
Hi use a soft form a pc (Packet Sender software) WIN11 to send messages to other PC Win10
If I use Manager I can see how it work fine receiving and trigger QL
restart PC - Receiver to clear memory and setup Onxy-PC with same settings on Manager… it not work
Could be a utility to have a window receiver messages from external input.


You should indicate exactly what messages you are sending. Doing a 1 on 1 implementation is not possible so we add commands/messages as needed.
Also keep in mind that using both at the same time could result in problems.


UDP not working at all!
I am trying this on the same pc ,I have disabled firewall, and I am using the internal llopback adaptor.
I have also tried on 2 separte pc’s still not working.

Are you sure you’re on 1253? That was fixed in this build and just confirmed again

No, working on that for the next release

Please Mark us the center of speed or what ever parameter,it’s more easier for us to see it.
Thanx = )

OK so on the same PC without "[…] “works ok, if using the brackets before the comand does not! On 2 different pc’s via artnet it works with the brackets " […]”!
Do you have a list of comands that should work ?

is there any kind of documentation about udp connectifity?

The USB power issue for my M-Touch’s is still happening. I’ve carefully double checked the Device Manager settings to make sure that power savings is not enabled on any USB hubs/ HID USB devices and the Advance power plan settings.

I was using two computers, each with an M-Touch acting as the license key. (FYI, recently aquired more USB license keys. My last OneKey had been lost or stolen. I would prefer not to need USB license keys. They can get lost or stolen. Resolume’s 30 day reactivation is fine.)

Mid show, one M-Touch or the other will stop affecting Onyx. If I unplug the M-Touch and reconnect the USB then the led lights on the M-Touch glow slightly. I can take that nonresponsive M-Touch and connect it to the other computer and it works fine. But it won’t work on the nonresponsive computer unless I restart Onyx. So I have to switch the Artnet output to the other computer, restart Onyx on the computer with the nonresponsive M-Touch USB and reconnect. Then the M-Touch works again.

This would be less annoying if it were simply a matter of disconnecting and reconnecting the USB to the M-Touch. Why is it required to restart Onyx before the M-Touch works again? Can that be fixed?

Also, the other features are limited when it loses the M-Touch as the USB license key.

This issue has also been reported on Facebook by another user.

For now, you could look at the Onyx Manager documentation.
The current build includes support for the following commands:

  • GQL
  • RQL
  • PQL
  • GTQ
  • SetQLLevel
  • SQL

The next build will add these:

  • RAO
  • RAQL
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I want to know if it is feasible to make the sliders in the Dylos menu—such as Speed, Master, etc.—more contrasty. Outdoor, during daylight hours, it is quite difficult to see and make adjustment on those.

Thank you.


Please add group selection,and also lamp on ,lamp off, reset of fixtures very useful on UDP packets!

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Is the Highlight feature broken in this section? or am I missing something,or this was never working?


I want to install Beta 4.9.1253, but it seems like I need to install 4.9.1252 on my console first

‘‘This build requires the 4.9.1252 OS on consoles. Update to this once 1252 is installed’’

Where can I find the download link for 1252? The forum thread is closed and there is not link anymore.


Onyx won’t share the Microphone with Resolume. I have to connect another microphone, besides the one built into my laptop in order to use audio input in both Onyx and Resolume.

Is this something that can be fixed, so that they share the mic?

the 1252 OS is in the same folder in the link above