Onyx RC 4.9.1254

Hi to all can someone try if it work for him on the latest RC

Works for me. Win11, Mouse& Keyboard and Touch.

I can confirm that for a windows 10 the “rearranging” arrows for both the 2d plan page and page layers does NOT work.

It was reported earlier in the thread. But thanks for the additional report and feedback.

Works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Attach your file, maybe its specific to your show.

Yes it’s somekind of strange stuff let’s see what they find!

Pan and Tilt won’t move in the expansion window PT until I move the scroll wheel. Neither will the color in the color picker until the wheels are moved.

Edit 9/23
The Parameter wheels move way too fast by clicking and dragging with the mouse in the middle of the parametor wheels. The position really jumps a lot when trying to click and drag on the wheels. I was asked if there’s a shift key to slow down how fast the parameter wheels go with the mouse. I told them to use the PT window and use Drag tab of the PT window with the sensitivity adjusted to the left. And to lock the Pan or Tilt. I think they had the Beta version RC 53 installed.

I think it was fixed in 54 but I went back to 53 because of so many additional issues in 54. When can we expect another RC?

Here are my main complaints:

Network connection always fails, after a period of time. Checked Device Manager network adapter power settings, disabled Antivirus on both computers.

M-Touch always stops after a couple hours. Then the LEDs on the M-Touch get dim. I’ve checked all the possible power settings, the power plan and in the Device Manager, HID devices, USB Hub devices, etc.

The only way to reconnect the M-Touch is to restart Onyx. If only it were possible to simply disconnect and reconnect the USB cable of the M-Touch. That’s what I used to do.

The other major issue is that occassionally when I lose network connection I have to restart Onyx and sometimes that doesn’t work.

Of course, one has to close Onyx to join a show. This is a big problem when closing onyx doesn’t shut down properly and then there is the popup warning that it’s requried to restart the computer. This is a problem because I’m also using Resolume on the same computer for NDI into Dylos.

( In detail: at one venue I use two computers: one instance of Resolume is for a pixel wall, the other instance of Resolume on the other laptop PC is for video input into Onyx via NDI. Both computers run Onyx because Onyx occasionally freezes. Sometimes waiting works and Onyx will unfreeze. Other times it’s not worth the wait and it seems to have gotten locked up. Then I have to switch Artnet output to the other computer and hope I can restart Onyx without Onyx popup warning that I have to restart the computer.)

So I wish it were possible to join a network show directly from the main menu. But the only options in the menu are Load or New Show. Why can’t we have the option to Join a show while Onyx is already running? Then if Onyx disconnects we can simply reconnect.

I had a weird effect with the MataBalls where they were glitching outin a constant way… I installed new graphics driver and restarted Onyx and it worked Fine

2 bugs to report. Please note all these bugs happened while programming as “secondary” console on x-net.

Issue with the “update” button. The update dialog that opens up does not always have the correct cue number. Also sometimes when hitting update all I get is a “q” option.

When using the syntax “record cue 3” “merge”. Or recording and merging onto any cue number automatically sends the cue stack back up to the starting cue.

Please for future versions can you make this “pop up” bigger rather than smaller.
Thanx it’s to importante to be such a little square like it is!

Anybody is living here’s? (R&D team )

Just making an entry here following a prior outreach to Support and a call with @Matthias — there is indeed a few bugs pertaining to DMX Mergers that have persisted through the last few builds and remains present in this release candidate. Really hoping it’s resolved in the final release :pray:

You can join/leave shows on the fly from Menu → Network → Settings → Shows
Your M-Touch should reconnect automatically without needing to restart ONYX when pluuged out and back in. When this happens again, could you check in task manager whether the OnyxPeripherals.exe process is still running? Otherwise PM me your AnyDesk ID for that system when that occurs, so I can have a look?
Similar for the network connection, although you mention ONYX freezes on one side, I guess the one running NDI input into DyLOS? There have been several fixes for scheduling external input into DyLOS in build 1255, please check that one.

input into DyLOS? There have been several fixes for scheduling external input into DyLOS in build 1255, please check that one.


Replaced with ONYX RC 4.9.1255